Monday, January 19, 2009

DL21C Party

At night Andrea and I went to the DL21C party at the K-Street Lounge. There we saw some familiar faces: John DeSantis from Syracuse for Obama, Alice Anderson and Shannon Anderson from the New York Obama team, David Pollack - the New York State Director for the Obama campaign, Anton Konev, who continues to be an organizer in Albany, and Paul Newell, who was a delegate from New York City, and whom I got to know at the Convention in Denver.

I also met a man named Drexel, who was intent on overturning the security rule that no pens were allowed in the club for "security reasons." In addition to being an obviously absurd rule, he pointed out to any of the staff who would listen, that this rule prevented anyone from exchanging phone numbers, which was clearly not the intended effect. Apparently they got sick of arguing with him, because he was later busily exchanging information with all those with whom he spoke. In the land of the penless networkers, the man with the single writing implement is king.

The only elected official I saw at the party was an obviously uncomfortable Congressman Nadler, who spoke to a few people and then hurried out a side door. This was an act of apparent civil disobediance in clubland, as I gathered from the staff reaction that opening one of the glass doors is just not done.

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