Monday, January 19, 2009

Concert on the National Mall

Andrea and I arrived in DC just as the big concert on the national mall was starting. We thought me might try driving right to it, but decided that would be a bad idea when we heard on the radio that there were so many people that even nearby hills were packed to capacity with people trying to catch a glimpse. So, we went to her hotel in Arlington and took the Metro, which got us there as Stevie Wonder was playing. We could hear him as we walked around the perimeter of the national mall, looking for an access point. U2 played next, as we finally got in near the Washington monument (the stage was in front of the Lincoln Memorial.) Even this far away thousands of people were milling about trying to even see one of the massive screens set up all over the National Mall.

Shortly after the above video was taken, President Elect Obama came out and spoke. Videotaping this would have been pointless, as we could hear him very well, but only see part of the stage on the screen to the right of the Washington Monument. Still, we were glad that we got there in time to at least hear the speech before everyone scattered (or tried to scatter as best they could amid 500,000 people.)

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